8 Reasons MSN Laws Are Ineffective

For those of you who dont quite get why Spay-Neuter laws dont work, consider these points:

  1. Mandatory spay-neuter ordinances do not work.
  2. Mandatory spay-neuter ordinances target the wrong population.
  3. Mandatory spay-neuter is extremely expensive.
  4. Mandatory spay-neuter laws kill more animals than they save.
  5. Mandatory spay-neuter laws have negative and dangerous side effects.
  6. Mandatory spay-neuter laws unfairly target the poor.
  7. Mandatory spay-neuter laws promote backyard breeding and possibly even puppy mills.
  8. Every major animal-welfare group who has studied the effects of mandatory spay-neuter laws is against them.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies
Why animal advocates should never, ever, advocate for mandatory spay-neuter laws: They do not work, they have never worked, they increase shelter killing, and they divert limited funding away from programs that actually do work to decrease shelter intake and increase lives saved.